A study of over 50 000 people found that people who made breakfast their largest meal plan of the day had a lower Body Mass Index than people who waited until supper even when they ate a similar number of calories. 


Following chrononutrition rhythm would be the key to success. Indeed, timing and frequency of meals would play a key role in predicting weight loss or gain.

Chrono-nutrition® is a method for losing weight invented by Dr Delabos. It is not based on deprivation, but on a rebalancing of food according to the biological rhythms of our organism.


How does it work ? Just eat the right foods, at the right time, in the right amount: fatty in the morning, dense at midday, sweet in the afternoon and light in the evening.


To be taken within an hour after waking up. Indispensable step, no way to skip this meal. Eating fat in the morning helps to avoid cravings at the end of the morning, without gaining weight since we have the day to eliminate these lipids.


On the menu: tea or coffee, wholemeal bread, cheese, butter ... but no sugar! Exit the jam or the honey on the sandwiches. The quantities vary according to one’s size and morphotype. 


Five hours later, it's lunch time. Whether you prepare your own lunch or go to the canteen, you can easily make it right as long as you avoid dishes in sauce and the stand of appetizers or desserts.

Indeed, lunch consists of a single dish - no question of cracking even if only for a small bowl of fruit salad! It is also advisable to eat the fruit outside of meals, because taken as a dessert, they interfere with digestion and promote bloating.


On the menu : midday meal must be dense and favor proteins (meat, fish or eggs). 

Add to that a portion of starchy foods. Except for monastic morphotypes, which will replace these with vegetables.


In chrono-nutrition, snacking is an essential step: more important than the evening meal. This snack being the only time of the day when I have the right to eat sweet, that is to say that I intend to enjoy it!

However, you have to wait five hours after lunch before you can taste it. 


On the menu : Vegetable fat (for example 30 g of dark chocolate or a handful of nuts) and fruit or their sweet derivatives (such as dried fruit or compote). Thanks to this break, we will be less hungry at dinner and so we will eat lighter.




Dinner is light, and should only be taken if you are really hungry - so be aware of your body. 

On the menu : richer in animal protein than vegetable, it is recommended to favor fish, to which one can add a few spoonfuls of vegetables.