How it works

Diet Programs Delivery in Hong Kong

How it works

Diet Programs Delivery in Hong Kong


Our Paleo meal plan is gluten, dairy free, grain-free and artificial-everything-free.

In summary, we avoid all the food products that started to be farmed less than 10'000 years ago.
Our human body is not adapted to these recent food products.
Other names for our diet are Paleolithic diet, Stone Age diet, caveman diet and hunter-gatherer diet.

Designed by our team of scientists, nutritionists, clinicians, and chef, our Paleo solution provides exactly for your body's unique needs. 
We use only high-quality, grass-fed meat, and free range poultry, with plenty of vegetables, seafood, seeds and nuts, our focus on unprocessed ingredients naturally boosts your energy and can also improve and reduce weight too.

Give our Paleo plan a try, start to eat clean and you will feel the benefits in no time!

Our Paleo meal plan combines well with the practice of Crossfit.

Click to view our SAMPLE MENU here.

Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your diet program without carbohydrates and gluten and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!

Apply discount code "3W5ALL" on the checkout page to enjoy 5% off for all 3-week programs!

With this program, we will offer you:

  1.  Free delivery for HK Island and Kowloon
  2.  Free concierge service
  3.  Free one time 20 minutes nutritionist support
  4.  Free change of delivery time/place notice with a 48h notice
  5.  Free suspension of the program with a 48h notice

3 Item(s)

  1. Paleo for 1 Week

    1-week Paleo

    Try out our Paleo diet for a week and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without sacrifice!
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    Starting at: HK$1,615.00

  2. Paleo Programs For 2 Weeks (10 to 14 days)

    2-week Paleo

    To those who are quite focused on their weight, and wish to drop a few pound fast, you are looking at the right plan! The 2-week Paleo Program would result in a significant loss in water weight. You would no doubt feel slimmer, lighter and thinner. For those who love carbs - it may not be a sustainable diet but it’s a jumpstart to your weight loss journey!
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    Starting at: HK$3,230.00

  3. Paleo For 3 Weeks

    3-week Paleo

    Here at Eatology, we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Yes, we know that carbs are essential for many of our body functions. However, not all of us can tolerate carbs and we understand that. Our 3-week program offers a variety of paleo meals and snacks to keep you constantly surprised.

    Apply discount code "3W5ALL" on the checkout page to enjoy 5% off for all 3-week programs!

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    Starting at: HK$4,845.00

3 Item(s)

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