Macros matter in weight loss


Macros matter in weight loss


 MACROS! Do I really need to count them? Can’t I just eat less and lose weight? Let’s look at some facts and research. 


Losing weight

      Yes, a calories deficit will make you lose weight. Consume less calories or spend them on exercising and you’ll see yourself losing weight.


Is losing that weight your only goal?

      You might be losing weight, but what’s the weight you really want to lose? Fat or your lean body mass?


Counting macros

❖     Lower carbs vs higher carbs

A study carried out showed that the group that consumed a smaller percentage of carbohydrates was seen to have 4.4% less total fat mass when compared to the group consuming a higher percentage of carbohydrates.


❖     High-protein, High-fat, Low-carbs

➔     If you are looking to lose some serious weight, this macro ratio could help.

➔     The higher ratio of protein will produce a satiating effect. The quicker you feel full, the less you will want to eat, the closer you will be to losing weight!

➔     Low-carbs will enhance the break down of fat for energy and high-protein will preserve your lean body mass!


Keep in mind though, this method is good for people who are on the obese side however if you are an athlete, having an adequate amount of carbohydrates is crucial for your optimum performance.


Macros do matter if you want to lose that weight efficiently and effectively!