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Keto vs Keto Light

For those of you wanting to lose weight, you might have heard of the “keto” diet, short for the ketogenic diet. If you haven’t, well it’s an intense diet which requires a lot of dedication. It has shown results for overweight/ obese patients, helping them lose weight quickly and it might be something you genuinely want to try.

If you want to know about the ketogenic diet in detail, we have published blog posts about what this diet is which you can check out right here: 

There is another diet called the Keto Light diet which is comparable to the Keto diet. 

Ketogenic Diet

Let’s briefly talk about what the keto diet is to see the differences between the two diets. 

So, the ketogenic diet is basically a diet with the proportion of carbs being the lowest among the macros when compared to the composition of our usual daily diets. In fact, the proportions of carbs, proteins and fats consumed on the keto diet are the complete opposite! Consumption of fats, followed by protein and carbs is what the keto diet comprises of. You’ll be having a lot more fats than usual and it might sound counterproductive to your aim of losing weight but it’s definitely a diet that’s worth trying given its efficacious results. Like I said, if you want to know more than just the percentages of the macros in the keto diet, we have more information available on the above linked blog post. At Eatology, the percentages of the macros offered under the keto diet are 75% fats, ~ 20% protein, and 5 – 7% carbohydrates (Also watch a collection of curated videos about Keto here: Keto Diet for Beginners).

Now, if you feel that the percentage of carbs in the keto diet is too low for you, there’s another diet similar to the keto diet, called the Keto Light Diet.

Keto Light Diet

What’s Keto Light you might ask? Well, it basically follows the same principles as the ketogenic diet, with the proportions of carbs being lower and of fats being higher, the difference is in the percentage of carbs being slightly higher in Keto Light than that in the Keto diet. Still effective in losing weight through ketosis, just with more satiety from the increased carbs. At Eatology, the rough macro percentages offered under this diet are 60-65% fats, ~ 25 – 30% protein, and 10% carbs.