Simple changes to your diet can greatly enhance your athletic performance and overall health. Our Paleo meal plan is specially designed to cater to the nutritional needs of each individual- whether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, or transition to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, our Paleo meal plan is gluten, dairy-free, grain-free, and artificial-everything-free.

In summary, we avoid all the food products that started to be farmed less than 10,000 years ago. Our human body is not adapted to these recent food products. Other names for the Paleo diet are Paleolithic diet, Stone Age diet, caveman diet, and hunter-gatherer diet. It’s a popular lifestyle and diet amongst a few professional athletes, and it works well with the practice of Crossfit. However, even if you aren’t a crossfitter you can still reap the benefits of following a Paleo diet plan, including weight loss, lower blood pressure and more.

Designed by our team of scientists, nutritionists, clinicians, and chefs, our Paleo diet meal plan provides exactly your body’s unique needs. We use only high-quality, grass-fed meat, and free-range poultry, with plenty of vegetables, seafood, seeds and nuts, our focus on unprocessed ingredients naturally boosts your energy and can also improve and reduce weight too.

So, forget counting calories, measuring or weighing your macros. Give our Paleo plan a try, start to eat clean and you will feel the benefits of eating nutritious unprocessed food in no time! Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your diet program without carbohydrates and gluten, and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!

Each premium restriction costs $70

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Our Paleo program is available in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie levels. Based on your unique requirements, we measure the perfect macronutrient ratio to help you achieve your goals without compromising on the taste and quantity of good food.

A detailed breakdown of macronutrients can be found below:

  • Carbs: ~20%-30%
  • Protein: ~30%-40%
  • Fat: ~40%
  • Gluten-free
  • No sugar
  • High fiber
  • Low glycemic index

*For all 2-meal programs, you will receive a truncated calorie intake relative to your calorie choice to account for your breakfast/dinner. We will provide daily suggestions for your breakfast/dinner in order for you to reach your total calorie and macronutrient goal.


Eat Primal with Eatology’s gourmet Paleo meal plan

With over 100 unique recipes, we offer a different menu every day to keep your Paleo diet exciting and varied with our meal plan, while still being highly nutritious and healthy. If you enjoy smoked Alaskan salmon or organic chicken breast with cajun seasoning, then you’ll love the rest of our Paleo menu! Start your clean eating journey today and revel in the results that premium quality, whole foods can deliver. Our Paleo diet meal plan will make following a primal diet in Hong Kong as easy as 1, 2, 3.