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Collagen boosting juice

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“Oh my god!!!! I got a wrinkle!” A young mum yelled at her reflection in the mirror. Her 6 year-old son looked confused. 

“It’s so hard to bring you up and that’s why I look old now!” she continued before he could ask any questions. 

If this conversation common at your home?

As a famous saying goes in Hong Kong, maintaining the appearance is a lifelong career for every woman. Nowadays, looking young is not only essential for female but everyone around the world since for many, it means looking good. 

When talking about skin health, you may think of collagen. What is collagen and how it works?

What is collagen 

Collagen is synthesized from procollagen with fibroblasts and other cells. There are more than 16 different types of collagen in the human body while there are only 3 major types.

Type 1 is the most abundant one and it acts like glue to hold tissue together, to form bones and to give skin the elasticity. 

Type 2 collagen is found in connective tissues with its major function to build cartilage and prevent age-associated joint pain. 

Type 3 collagen includes a major component of the extracellular matrix of our organs and skin. Apart from providing elasticity to the skin with Type I collagen, it forms blood vessels and tissues within the heart.

The benefits of collagen

In conjunction with the functions of collagen, it provides different health benefits and only a few major ones are mentioned here. 

1. Skin and hair health 

Looser skin, less elastic skin and more wrinkles are some of the signs of aging. You may have noticed the physical difference in skin from your own or others’ experience like your grandparents. It is a natural process because of the decrease in collagen production with age. Knowing that lack of collagen is the major culprit of aging, increasing the intake of collagen may give us hope. 


2. Joint health 

Because of the loss of collagen in cartilage, the gel-like substances between bones, there is less protection to the joints and less lubricating effect for movement facilitation.

Collagen juice recipes

Nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, copper, anthocyanidins facilitate collagen absorption or synthesis, blueberries and blackberries are packed with these..

Beetroot contains zinc and copper which are vital for a healthy skin. On top of that beetroot helps cleanse and restore the liver, which is considered a primary detoxifying organ. Skin and liver health are closely connected.

Celery and cucumber are very hydrating (contain 96% water). Hydration is vital for healthy soft supple skin.

Ginger and turmeric have an amazing effect on skin as its anti-inflammatory properties combat many manifestations of inflamed skin (acne, eczema, rash)

Start the process: drink your vegetables and get back your youthful glowing skin!

Bloody collagen juice (red)

Serving: 2 
1 small Beetroot 
1 large apple 
8 strawberries (medium)/ 25 blueberries/ 20 blackberries

Golden collagen juice (yellow) 

Serving: 2
1 medium mango 
1/2 inch peeled, fresh ginger root
1 tpc of turmeric powder 
1/2 tpc. cinnamon

Green collagen juice (green) 

Serving: 2
1 medium green apple 
1/2 bunch of celery
2-3 lemons or limes, peeled and chopped
2 medium-sized cucumbers, roughly chopped