Optimal Performance


Are you working hard and putting in all your time and effort in the gym but not seeing results? Our Optimal performance meal plan program is for those who are hitting the gym regularly but aren’t seeing as much progress as they want to.

Diet plays a huge part of your muscle-building or fat loss goals. After all, your abs are made in the kitchen, and eating while training hard to meet your fitness goals doesn’t have to come at the expense of forging flavorful and tasty meals.

Perfect for the ones who lead an active lifestyle and are committed to fitness, gym, sport, and training, our Optimal Performance program provides higher calorie and protein meals to help build muscles, boost energy levels throughout your workday and burn off body fat with recipes designed by dietitians. Through our muscle-building meal plan you’ll lose stubborn body fat faster while still feeling satiated after a meal. Moreover, this program makes planning your meals as easy as possible. No more bulk buying certain ingredients and eating the same meal for days in a row, all the meals in our muscle-building program are prepared by our in-house chef, so get ready to train like a beast while enjoying flavorful gourmet meals that will keep you in your optimal performance.

Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your food program for sport, high in protein, and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!

Each basic restriction costs $35 per day.

Each premium restriction costs 70$




Here are the details of our muscle building plan.



Our Optimal Performance program is available in portions of 2200 and 2600 calories. For those committed to health, fitness, and training, this option is designed to build muscle, scrap off body fat, and boost your energy throughout the day. Each meal is packed tight and neat to easily take to the office, gym, or enjoy at home.

A detailed breakdown of macronutrients can be found below:
Fat: 30-35%
Protein: 30%
Carbs: 35-40%

For the 2600 meal plan, you’ll on average receive ~190g of proteins, ~210g of carbs and ~115g of fats daily.


*For all 2-meal programs, you will receive a truncated calorie intake relative to your calorie choice to account for your breakfast/dinner. We will provide daily suggestions for your breakfast/dinner in order for you to reach your total calorie and macronutrient goal.


A fat-burning meal plan that will boost your fitness performance the next level

How does one build muscle fast? It’s no secret: Sleep as much as much as possible, build a positive energy balance of around 400 calories above your baseline with our meal plan, eat at least 1.2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight, and train hard.

At Eatology, we feature over 100 unique nutritionist-approved recipes that are prepared by our in-house chefs. We offer a varied menu to keep your diet fun and exciting, without sacrificing the flavor.  Pursue your dynamic lifestyle and love for fitness without any reserve with our Optimal Performance program today!