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The quality of the food you eat lies in the quality of the ingredients used to make it. That’s why at Eatology we have made using top-notch ingredients one of our greatest concerns.

Our meal programs aren’t only intended to help our clients reach their physical goals, but more importantly to improve their health. We strive to improve all aspects of our clients’ lives: from their energy levels, to the way they look, to the way they feel.

As such, when it comes to ingredients, we use only the best of the best. We don’t include any processed foods in our meal programs. Our beef is grass-fed, our chicken is hormone-free, and we focus on using low-glycemic foods to help keep blood sugar levels stable. You’ll find brown rice and sprouted grain bread in our programs, and fresh fruit is a staple.

One of the reasons that we opt for the best ingredients we can find, is the health of our clients is our priority. Processed food is cheap, and has a long shelf life, but has little nutritional value. Our food is hormone free, chemical free, and antibiotic free. We don’t use cheap fish or meat products like tilapia which is pumped full of hormones and has tremendously negative inflammatory potential. We stray away from all of these low-quality foods that are contributing to chronic diseases, and poor health.

When choosing a meal program company, your goal may be related to fitness and your appearance, but your health is ultimately what’s most important. As B.K.S. Iyengar said, “your body is your temple”. Make sure you know what you’re fueling it with.

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Because everyone deserves the opportunity to eat healthy, and live easy.