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Client Testimonial


Justine Grier

As the founder of Skin Headquarters in Central,  it’s important to make sure I am always functioning at my optimal physical and mental capacity.  For me that’s regular exercise, quality sleep and ensuring I provide my body with the best nutrition.

I am a trained aesthetician with over 15 years experience within the skin health industry. My life passion revolves around achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin, for me and my clients.  We often undervalue how important a balanced lifestyle contributes to the health of our skin. A focus on nutrition is of utmost importance to how your skin functions and ultimately appears. 

My busy work schedule leaves me little time to prepare quality, well balanced meals each day.  Being introduced to Eatology, a Hong Kong based health and nutrition food delivery service has literally changed my working day.  I am able to continue my day without having to find the extra time to seek out or prepare my meals. All the meals are delicious and nutritious, and delivered super fresh each day to my clinic. How good is that!

Eatology offers a variety of menu options curated carefully by their in-house nutritionist.  Currently I am enjoying the Paleo dietary menu which supports my sensitive digestive system.  They also offer meal plans for athletes, vegans, carb focused or dealing with other personalised restrictive conditions.

The online nutritional advice with their trained dieticians is very helpful and allow exclusions of certain ingredients or proteins applicable to individual needs or religious requirements.  This added value service provides a more personalized tailored meal plan which is a strong point of difference to other meal delivery options in Hong Kong.

Within the SKIN WORLD, I am always looking for my clients to benefit from optimal gut health – as healthy skin is reflected directly in a healthy gut. The gut, brain skin axis is a REAL THING in the modern-day world of skin and dermatology. Acknowledging your intolerances, allergies and following an anti-inflammatory diet can definitely benefit anyone in their journey towards obtaining a healthy, clear and glowing complexion. Eatology focuses on fresh, organic, hormone-free ingredients, with a huge focus on probiotic content to promote happy healthy gut bacteria, as well as healthy fats for hormone production, lean proteins for muscle growth and repair, fibre for digestive function and overall balance of micronutrients.

I look forward to my daily surprise meals.  Since starting Eatology I am less fatigued, less bloated and feel more focused and relaxed. I no longer have to worry about finding time to prepare or pick up my next meal let alone wondering what hidden calories, preservatives and nasties it might contain.  My clients know, I am a huge advocate of the 80:20 rule of life. If you can get your skincare routine, your nutrition, sleep, and overall health choices right 80% of the time, make it a priority!  We all have busy lives and could do with one more thing being taken care of.  Eatology makes it super simple and so easy to ensure we getting the nutrition we need and we are eating right each day.