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Healthy and nutritious late-night snacks

Is it almost bedtime and your belly is starving? Contrary to popular belief, late snacks are not to be avoided, provided of course that you follow a few rules.

Snacks help regulate hunger between two meals, prevent us from eating compulsively and devouring our meals without realizing our satiety. They will prevent us from uncontrolled cravings, too often filled with foods that are generally far from nutritious or too processed.  

But beware, be aware that dehydration can send the wrong signal to the brain by masquerading as hunger. Drinking a small glass of water will quickly fix you on the nature of your cravings and could even calm it down.

And the small appetites of the evening must also be appeased so that our sleep is not disturbed. A snack can then be taken about 45 minutes to an hour before bedtime so that the stomach is not too crowded. Late snacking must not exceed 300 calories. 

  • Cereal and Milk 

Perfect for your morning meal, cereals and milk are smart for midnight snacks.

Dairy products contain calcium, which is a mineral playing a direct role in the production of the sleep hormone : melatonin. 

  • Bowl of berries 

Rich in fiber, it would fill you up. Berries also contain magnesium, a mineral that relaxes nerves and muscles to speed slumber. 

  • Popcorn 

Popcorn is maybe the most festive snack. Which is great with popcorn is you can have a lot of it without breaking the calorie bank. In fact, 3 cups of air-popped popcorn have less than 100 calories and about 4 grams of fiber to satisfy your hunger.

  • Fresh fruits and nuts 

Ideal option when you are hungry and a bit tired so lazy to prepare yourself a feast. 

You can try an apple with a handful of almonds, a banana and a dozen pecans or even a pear with a few walnuts. You can even spread peanut butter or melted chocolate on banana slices. 

  • Cheese and crackers

Don’t be too heavy on your serving sizes, because cheese is high in calories and fat. Opt for whole grain crackers which are rich in fiber and will satisfy you longer. You can add some grapes or fruits on it. 

  • Turkey sandwich 

Opt for whole grain bread and lean protein like turkey. You can add some vegetables such as lettuce or tomato for a bit of freshness. Take your time to digest your sandwich. 

  • Vegetables (celery, baby carrots …) dipped in yogurt or cottage cheese

You should avoid eating this : 

Foods high in protein cause more difficult digestion work and interfere with sleep.

Foods high in fat can create stomach reflux and heartburn.

Citrus fruits, whether they contain vitamin C or not, are not necessarily to be banned, but rather to control if your digestion is difficult.

Foods with a high glycemic index disturb the blood sugar level and cause an irregular energy supply. Jujubes, fruit juices and other refined sugars are therefore to be avoided

Finally, do we still need to mention that tea and coffee, exciting par excellence, are to be banned at late hours.