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Traditional Asian diet is definitely one of the healthiest diet worldwide. The Asian food culture focuses on achieving a balance of different flavors and foods. It is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and low in saturated fat. It mostly incorporates vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes and is low in meat and dairy products. Our chefs and our nutritionist have gathered for you the best flavors from the historical diets of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and many other countries in the region. Try it and enjoy the food!

Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your healthy Asian diet program and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!

**For all 2-meal programs, you will receive a truncated calorie intake

Full DayFull DayBreakfast & LunchBreakfast & LunchLunch & DinnerLunch & Dinner
1 week1 week2 weeks2 weeks3 weeks3 weeks
5 days5 days6 days6 days

For each restriction costs $35 per day.





Our Asian program is available in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie levels. Based on your unique requirements, we measure the perfect macronutrient ratio to help you achieve your goals without compromising on the taste and quantity of good food.

A detailed breakdown of macronutrients can be found below:

Fat: ~30%
Protein: ~30%
Carbs: ~40%
Low sugar
High fiber
Low glycemic index

*For all 2-meal programs, you will receive a truncated calorie intake relative to your calorie choice to account for your breakfast/dinner. We will provide daily suggestions for your breakfast/dinner in order for you to reach your total calorie and macronutrient goal.