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The nutrition world is full of confusion. As a result, preparing a healthy nutrition plan to lose weight can seem daunting for anyone. Add in the complication of diabetes and it can appear simply overwhelming.

But it needn’t be.

In this article, we’ll outline how the Eatology Balanced Living Program delivers the easy, seamless solution to your diabetic weight loss needs.

Customized Meals to Meet your Unique Needs

Sure, there are plenty of meal delivery services out there. But trying to find one that caters to the unique demands of the diabetic community is another story. Our Balanced Living Program, however, is specifically created to meet the needs of diabetics.

Every meal has been meticulously designed by registered dietitians to deliver the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to optimally fuel the diabetic body. At the same time, we’ve gone to great lengths to incorporate the latest scientific understanding on weight loss nutrition to help you lose your extra fat weight while you provide your body with the fuel that it needs to thrive.

Mediterranean Inspired Goodness

The Mediterranean diet is universally acknowledged as being ideal for diabetics. The diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, providing the nutrients, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber that the diabetic body needs to lower blood sugar levels, regulate insulin production and carbohydrate restriction.

The Mediterranean diet has a high proportion of unsaturated to saturated fats, along with plenty of unprocessed foods. It includes generous portions of oily fish and nuts to provide essential fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Protein sources include eggs, poultry and moderate amounts of red meat. When it comes to carbs, the emphasis is on starchy vegetables and low carb fruits, such as berries.

Even though it is termed a ‘diet’, the Mediterranean Diet is not restrictive in terms of caloric intake or nutrient choice. As a result, it does not involve any mineral deficiencies. A spokesperson for the British Nutrition Foundation commented . . .

The fact that the Mediterranean diet is high in fruit and vegetables, fiber and unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat could all help to reduce the risk of diabetes.

The Balanced Living Program is based upon the Mediterranean Diet.

Blood Sugar Management

While nutritional completeness, weight management and great taste are very important to us, the prime concern for our professional consultation team is controlling blood sugar and managing diabetes through optimized nutrition. This meal plan was inspired by and designed to cater to the pressing needs of diabetics the world over. We’ve taken all of the guesswork and confusion out of what you put in your mouth, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the great tasting meals!

 Each meal contains 25 net grams of carbs or less. At the same time, they deliver the lean proteins and healthy fats that you need to help regulate blood glucose levels and control insulin output.

Weight Loss

There is so much confusion out there about eating for weight loss that most people simply give up and resort to their old habits. However, the Balanced Living Program puts your weight loss on auto pilot. Our professional team have structured the program to ensure that the macronutrient ratio provides the energy your body needs while also stimulating fat loss by encouraging the body to rely on is stored fate energy reserves. The total daily caloric balance is designed to create a slight energy deficit to further encourage healthy weight loss.

Our online diet assessment tool will help you to customize your daily caloric intake to meet your individual needs.

Great Tasting – and Good for You!

Creating a meal plan that is optimized for the health of diabetic people was just the starting point for the creation of the Balance Living Program. We then set out to create meals that are full of flavor, while also being mouth wateringly delicious. We wanted to disprove once and for all the notion that diabetic friendly foods couldn’t be great tasting while also managing the diabetic condition.

We source out ingredients from the highest quality producers. All of our proteins are completely natural with no added steroids or hormones. We only use chickens that are cage-free, hormone free grain-fed an antibiotic free. The majority of them are imported from the USA.

Our fruits and vegetables are from a range of countries, including Greece, Australia and the USA. We also work with local suppliers to source as many organic products as possible.

We also offer a vegetarian option on the Balance Living Program.

No Hassle Service

The Eatology Balanced Living Program provides you with a simple service that ensures that you get the freshest meals delivered right when you need them. All meals are freshly cooked in our kitchen for immediate delivery.

We go out of our way to make the Balanced Living program as user friendly as possible for our customers. Our service includes FREE delivery for HK Island and Kowloon customers. We also provide a free concierge service, free change of delivery time/place notice with a 48-hour notice and free suspension of the program with a 48-hour notice.

We also provide free one time 20-minute nutritional support to help fine tune your customized nutrition plan.

Final Word

For decades, diabetics have had to struggle alone to put together meal plans that would keep their blood, sugar, insulin and lipid levels in check, while also helping them to lose weight.

But no longer ! 

The Eatology Balanced Living Program is here to provide a no stress, nutritionally optimal Mediterranean based meal plan that is customized to the specific requirements of the diabetic community. At the same time, we put it all together in the form of meals that are delicious and convenient. On top of that we source our meals from the world’s best sources and we deliver fresh food to your doorstep to the half hour of when you request it!

Check out our Balanced Living Program here.