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Introduction to Nutrition Consultation and Dietetic Service

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With such an overload of nutritional information out there from the media, it can be difficult to navigate what’s accurate and what’s not. Media constantly produces information about what to and not to eat. Diet books routinely sit on the best-seller list in your local bookstore. Since anyone can write a nutrition article, publish a nutrition book, and talk about how their new raw vegan diet has helped them lose 10lbs in a month, it can be difficult to filter out the misleading advices out there.

This is where Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians come in, as they are considered the food and nutrition experts. Many people are nervous about attending a consultation with dietitian or nutritionist, whether it be concerned that they may be lectured for what they eat, or being told that they can’t have their favourite snacks.

At Eatology, we aim to make the sessions as helpful and enjoyable as possible as we believe that a nutrition consultation should be a time where you can confidentially talk about any dietary problems and questions you may have. We believe that foods should be enjoyable, and we should never have to deprive ourselves from foods we love. As each client is different, we custom tailor each consultation to make sure that it is a plan that is practical, sustainable, and works with your lifestyle.

Nutrition Consultation and Dietetic Service in Hong Kong

What should I expect in my first appointment?

Here at Eatology, we ask about your goals and objectives, and what you would like to achieve with our meal plans. We will review your medical history, as well as medication and supplements that you may be taking. We also like to get to know you a little bit better in terms of your lifestyle, sleeping pattern, exercise and any allergies or intolerance to food. We will also be asking a usual diet recall and cooking habits to allow us to help you identify anything that you may be able to tweak to help you start eating healthier.

Will I benefit from a nutrition consult? 

Most of us, if not all, can benefit from working with a dietitian or nutritionist. Whether it be wanting to manage a certain medical condition, looking for some healthy and innovative recipes, or demystifying inaccurate nutrition information out there. Whether it be fine-tuning or having a complete make-over of your eating habits, or figuring it out how to read a nutrition label. We are here to share nutrition tips, tricks and resources that can assist you in reaching your full potential. We also understand that eating can be a personal thing for some, and often requires behaviour changes. Therefore, our nutrition team here at Eatology also provides the motivation and encouragement that you may need, ensuring that you are receiving all the supports while having  trusted and resourceful health professionals to talk with.

Don’t forget, a nutrition consult should be a collaborative process where you feel comfortable talking to a dietitian or nutritionist about your concerns and goals. It should be nothing more than a conversation or a chat to get some advice on your eating habits. Let us help you eat healthy, feel healthy and stay healthy!