Ketogenic diet Light


For those who have heard about the keto light diet, but are not quite sure if it’s for you, our Keto diet meal plan is the perfect opportunity to try and to lose weight!! The keto light diet is less restrictive than the traditional ketogenic diet, requires you to eat a generous amount of protein and fat with a controlled amount of carbohydrates. Because the keto diet puts your body in a state of constant energy burning known as ketosis, and by using your body fat as an energy source your body will start to use the excess fat causing lasting weight loss results.

It’s a great way to transit into a diet that is less dependent on processed foods. There is plenty of scientific literature that suggest that there are multiple health benefits of following a keto diet plan, such as improved metabolic function, stabilised blood sugar, improved brain function and more. With our keto diet plan, there is no more guessing what you can or can’t eat or struggling to guess and measure your daily carb intake, because we’ve done it for you. Freshly cooked every day our custom keto meals won’t even feel like you’re on a diet.

It’s not a diet for everyone, so before signing up, contact us and our health professionals would be happy to help. Select the frequency, the number of meals, the calories you need, order online your Keto Light diet program to lose weight and get delivered wherever you are in Hong Kong. Eatology is as simple as that!

Each basic restriction costs 35$

Each premium restriction costs 70$




The ketogenic diet will force your body to start using fat as fuel. Once your body has adjusted to it, you will start to feel energized.  We have optimized our keto meals to be fulfilling and match the most recent medical guidelines. In our ketogenic diet at Eatology, we make sure to use plenty of green leafy vegetable. Therefore, you will get plenty of fiber for your guts health. Likewise, we only use extra virgin olive oil for cooking. EVOO is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants.

Our Ketogenic meal plan is available in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie levels. Based on your unique requirements, we will measure the perfect macronutrient ratio to help you achieve your goals without compromising on the taste and quantity of good food.


A detailed breakdown of macronutrients can be found below:

  • Low carbs: ~10%-15%
  • Moderate protein: ~30-35%
  • Fat: ~50%-60%
  • High fiber
  • Low glycemic index

*For all 2-meal programs, you will receive a truncated calorie intake relative to your calorie choice to account for your breakfast/dinner. We will provide daily suggestions for your breakfast/dinner in order for you to reach your total calorie and macronutrient goals.


Keep it simple and keto in Hong Kong with Eatology’s keto diet plan

Following a ketogenic diet in Hong Kong has never been this simple. With over 100 unique recipes designed by certified nutritionists and dietitians, our custom keto meal plan menu changes every day, ensuring that you won’t have the same meal twice. Our team of nutritionists has optimized the basic keto diet based on the latest scientific research to make it safe for long term use. There are loads of fiber, enough proteins, and plenty of electrolytes. Fibers will keep your intestines bacteria alive and flourishing while proteins will maintain muscle mass while you lose weight. Electrolyte will balance the loss of water.

Learn how to cook your first keto diet meal recipe by following our ingredients and methods.

Do you still have questions about how to start your keto meal plan journey?  Fill out the form here and and we’ll arrange for you to meet our dietician.