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We Are Now ISO22000:2018 & HACCP Certified! 


Aside from our focus on delivering healthy and delicious meals to customers, food safety and quality have always been of high priority to our company. The ISO22000:2018 and HACCP certifications show that as an ISO food supplier, we meet the highest food safety management standards, and we are proud to achieve this milestone in 2022. 

What are ISO2200: 2018 and HACCP? 

ISO 22000:2018 is a food safety management system that requires organizations in the food chain to set out the requirements for a food safety management system. It defines what an organization must do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure that food is safe for consumption. (1) 

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an international standard defining the requirements of a safe food management system. The HACCP system helps organizations focus on the hazards that affect food safety/food hygiene and the systematic approach to the identification, assessment, and implementation of critical control limits at critical control points during food production. (2)

Why should you choose an ISO food factory? 

What distinguishes Eatology from other food supplier is that, with ISO2200:2018 and HACCP certifications, we oversee food production and ensure that all processes run smoothly. These two certifications provide you with independent assurance that we are not only consistently reliable in our food safety management system but that we are also actively improving to provide you with a better and more secure meal plan service experience.

What implementations are required by ISO certification to keep food safety management intact?   

– An ISO kitchen demonstrates a complete traceability system

– Our staff are familiar with their task and daily operation

– We closely monitor critical control points and keep detailed records of food production processes.

– We facilitate continual improvement of our meal productions and check output for defects with corrective action where necessary.

Eatology is proud to be a ISO food supplier with quality and transparency in mind. We incorporate a quality mindset into our daily meal production and are constantly striving to improve our food safety management system to provide meal plan service that meets our customers’ needs and expectations.


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