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Choosing Food Delivery Service in Hong Kong During Self-Quarantine


Healthy eating is one of the most vital components of achieving – and maintaining – a healthy lifestyle. It gives your body the key nutrients it needs, helps you stay alert, strengthens your immune system, and protects you from the early onset of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. But when COVID-19 struck and increased health and safety protocols were put in place, eating healthy became a much bigger challenge. This was especially the case for arriving travelers who had to self-quarantine in hotels in Hong Kong for 21 days.

Imagine staying put in an unfamiliar place for three weeks. That in itself is upsetting for some people. It can potentially drive a person’s anxiety levels to the tipping point. You know what makes it worse? Not having other options but to eat hotel food day in and day out for 21 days.

Admittedly, we can’t do anything about the 21-day self-quarantine requirement. This is a necessary health and safety protocol for travelers. But eating unhealthy, unappealing, and repetitive hotel food? You don’t need to get stuck with that! You can order your meals from a food delivery service and enjoy more delectable meals without compromising healthy eating. 

Choosing Ood Delivery Service In Hk

How A Food Delivery Service Can Help

It goes without saying that food delivery is indispensable in the time of COVID-19 as it provides consumers with easy access to food even if they don’t leave the comfort of their homes. But that doesn’t mean you can just order whatever you feel like eating. If you do, you would end up indulging in comfort food everyday, and we all know that’s not good for your health, especially your immune system. 

To avoid problems with your health in the long run, you need to choose your meal plan delivery service provider wisely. 

Most food delivery brands offer fast food because it’s quick to prepare and the consumers love it. Don’t get hooked on those! Instead, go for food delivery service providers that exclusively offer healthy meals so you can stay fit and meet your daily nutritional requirements. This is where Eatology comes in. 

What is Eatology?

Eatology is a brand that offers healthy food delivery in Hong Kong. We provide nutrient-rich yet delicious meal options for people who want to stay healthy. Our meal packages are healthy meal plans that can help you be strategic about your health and fitness goals. We don’t only serve the right food, we also make sure the portions you get are ideal for your caloric requirements. This way, you can avoid overeating. This is a far better option than going for instant food or buying fresh food in bulk and risking getting them spoiled or wasted.  

3-week Packaged Meal Plans Brought To You by Eatology

To stay at par with the nutritional needs of consumers during these trying times, we’ve launched packaged three-week meal plans at Eatology. These meal plans are meant for people who are checking in at Hong Kong hotels upon arriving at the airport. We know that they would be in quarantine for 21 days so we want to give them healthy, delicious, and convenient food delivery options while they’re asked to stay put. 

At Eatology, we design our meal plans based on personalized choices and nutritional requirements but we’re also mindful of what appeals most to your taste buds. Our diet plans include Ketogenic Diet, Gluten-free Low Carb Diet, Optimal Performance Diet Regimen, Mediterranean, Asian, Lighter Delights for Weight Loss, Vegetarian, Paleo

Our nutritious yet delicious recipes are planned and prepared by our chefs and cooks and tested by dietitians to ensure its nutritive value. Each meal plan is prepared with a wellness-oriented approach focused on daily calorie consumption and macronutrient requirements according to desired performance and lifestyle goals. 

Our Operational Hygiene Requirements

Are you wary about eating food that you didn’t personally prepare? Or perhaps you’re worried about food safety? Don’t be. At Eatology, our packaged 3-week meal plans are delivered fresh everyday at the hotel’s lobby or reception area. We also provide a recycling bag which will be used while the 3-week meal plan is ongoing. This is our response to contactless delivery; our simple contribution to help minimize the chance of getting our consumers and our personnel exposed to the virus.

According to the CDC, there is no evidence that people can get COVID 19 by eating or handling food. But to stay on the safe side, we enforce strict operational hygiene requirements to keep everyone protected. 

Wrapping It Up

A healthy diet cannot be emphasized well enough. We need healthy and balanced meals to maintain our health and wellness, especially now that the virus is still out there. It is equally important to strengthen our immune system and keep our body functioning at the optimal level so it can fight off the virus. The good news is that there are brands from the food industry that aim to support healthy eating to ensure better health and improved quality of life; brands like Eatology that offer healthy food delivery in Hong Kong.

If you’re interested about our packaged meal plans, feel free to explore the Eatology website for more information or get quick access to our FAQ