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How to break the fast?


Most of what’s considered standard morning breakfast are more like dessert: pancakes, waffles, corn flakes, croissants, muffins – all are options which are full of simple carbs and loaded with sugar. Breaking the fast properly is vital to give you body good nourishment, stay fuller for longer, and improve your blood sugar control! 

Therefore, it is important to pair your carbohydrates with a protein and/or healthy fat in your breakfast!

Some of my personal favourites include: 

  • Sweet potato and black beans breakfast burrito 
  • Breakfast taco topped with avocado, scrambled eggs, peppers and tomatoes 
  • Coconut quinoa muffin 
  • Savory Oatmeal with Cheddar & Fried Egg 
  • Last night’s leftovers! Breakfast doesn’t have to mean a separate category of foods. You can eat whatever’s in your fridge. There is no breakfast police to stop you.

But… I NEVER have time to prepare my breakfast!!!

When you barely have enough time to put yourself together in the mornings, it can be difficult to build a well-balanced, instagram-worthy breakfast. 

The trick to nailing the perfect breakfast during a busy morning?

  • Make-ahead breakfasts! 
    • Take a Sunday afternoon and batch cook some homemade goodies that can be frozen and quickly heated up for the upcoming week! Make cooking a fun and enjoyable experience by inviting your friends. Why not make some:
      • Frozen Burritos 
      • Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches 
      • Homemade Yogurt Cups with Fruits and Granola  
      • Mini Quiche
  • Keep healthy grab & go foods on hand! 
    • In the morning, the last thing you want is to cook a 7-course meal! Stock up on quick products to make your morning run more smoothly. Ideas include:
      • Keep high-fiber and low sugar cereals on hand
      • Pre-cut all fruits and vegetables 
      • Keep container of hard boiled eggs in the fridge
      • Purchase low fat cheese sticks for a quick protein boost
  • Drink your breakfast! 
    • Breakfast smoothies are all the rage! Keep it simple and healthy – use plain yogurt, spinach, kale, fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, milk! The internet is overflowing with these! 

So, what if I am NEVER hungry in the mornings? 

Many people insist that they can’t eat breakfast. That may be because you are eating too much the previous evening, or are dehydrated, which interferes with hunger signals. As the expression goes: “Eat like a king at breakfast, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” – you will definitely be hungry for your breakfast!

Tips that may fix the “I can’t eat breakfast” problem: 

  1. Eat a light dinner 
  2. Drink enough water throughout the day and in the morning when you wake up
  3. Get into a routine, leave yourself enough time in the morning
  4. Work out what you enjoy eating for breakfast! Is it eggs? The leftover pasta from last night? What about oatmeal? 
  5. Try a small yogurt to begin with when you start eating breakfast. Then, slowly increase the amount you eat! 
  6. Still haven’t convinced you yet? Why not just give it a try! Stick with having breakfast for a week, no matter how little you are eating,  and see how it goes!