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Introduction to TR90: How to Transform Your Life in 90 Days


We all know that transforming our life requires a tremendous amount of dedication, and it can get overwhelming at times. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just handover the perfect recipe? Well, NU Skin brings you this perfect recipe called AgeLOC TR90 Nutrition Program.

With the help of the 90-day nutrition program —a scientifically-advanced and balanced plan designed to promote healthy weight management, you can introduce an innovative and more accessible fat loss and body shaping system to your life.

NU SKIN takes care of your healthy diet balance by providing you simple eating plans. Full-body exercise program, and of course, AgeLOC products are proven to improve your quality of life. It allows you to improve your body inside out, resulting in a balance physical and emotional balance.

Achieving healthy weight management is facilitated through the simple nutrition program, for which NU SKIN follows three guiding principles:

  • Protein Intake
  • Calorie Awareness
  • Selecting the Best Meal Options

Why Do We Need Our Protein Back on Track? 

To gain control over our calories

When we think about fat loss, in general, the first solution that comes to mind is reducing the consumption of carbs. However, for a balanced, healthy diet, proteins are just as vital. Our body spends more energy to digest, metabolize, and use the food with a higher protein. This leads to burning more calories.

To bring stability to our body

Protein needs more time to leave your stomach, resulting in not feeling hungry for a more extensive period. It has other benefits as well. For example; maintaining stronger muscles, feeling more focused and emotionally stabilized throughout the day.

In general, during the fat-loss period, feeling less motivated and less focused is considered the norm. Yet, with the simple substitutes in your daily diet will allow you to experience the other side of the coin.

To acquire lean muscle mass

Each individual needs 0.8-1.1 grams of protein for each kg they have. NU SKIN helps you achieve the right amount of protein intake with the help of the AgeLoc TR90 Weight Management Program Guide. It encourages you to consume lean protein evenly spaced throughout the day to maximize your benefits.

The lean protein improves your metabolism. Instead of storing the food you eat, you transform it into lean muscle mass. If your goal is to look slimmer while gaining the control of your life it is easy now. Lean muscle mass makes your body look even fitter.

Why AgeLOC TR90?

What makes AgeLOC TR90 different than any other diet. It divides your protein intake into different meals during the day to maximize benefits.

While the typical protein intake for many people is consuming little amount of protein during breakfast and lunch while consuming too much for dinner. This results in storing that protein as fat, especially when eaten right before sleeping.

One must know when to take the proteins what amount to take it in.  That is where your well designed 90 days program comes in.

So, What’s an Optimal Protein Intake?

An easy way to remember how much protein intake you need is 30/30/30 magic. 30 grams of protein, 3 times a day, to keep you in the fat-burning zone. 

Ideally, 30 grams of protein allows you to be in the “fat-burning zone” for 3 hours. However excessive intake may not work in our favor.

In other words, your ideal protein intake scenario comprises taking 30 grams of protein in each of your main meals is the goal. That intake would help your body be in the “fat-burning zone” for up to 9 hours every day.

Can We Take Control Over Our Body In Only A Few Days?

Your body is awake around 16 hours each day, and more than half of the time. Not only can you acquire the body you want but you can also sustain the routine. With a few tweaks in your diet, your body will be working on transforming your metabolism in a better, faster way. 

Extend your “fat-burning zone” time

Take control over your fat burning zone time through an optimal nutrition program. Such as eating a snack 2 hours after each meal to extend the “fat-burning zone” period. For each meal and snack combination, you can be burning fat for up an additional 5 hours, up to 15 hours per day. So, the idea is to consume more often instead of cutting the amount of food you eat.  

And the best part is, it is not a restrictive diet. This means it is way easier to sustain than many other popular diet approaches.

“Traditional protein sources are not usually grab and go. And if they are, they are often processed, fried or unhealthy.”

  • Angela Ginn – spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association

“30% of American women between the ages of 20 and 40 don’t get the recommended amount of protein”. – source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

While this all could come as a bucketful of information, you do not need to pen it all down. AgeLoc TR90 Weight Management Program Guide will be your helping hand. You will be getting your perfect plan, transforming your life and staying fit and healthy.

Want to know more about a balanced diet and fat loss via simple nutrition and weight management program? Select the best options for your meal. Moreover, check out our blogs on calorie awareness.