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As of 2018, the obesity rates in the United States had exceeded 35% in seven states, 30% in 29 states, and 25% in 48 states. With obesity leading to severe conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, there’s never been a more important time to lose weight. Fortunately, with the right exercise plan and paleo diet meal plan, you can lose weight and create a healthier tomorrow.

If you’re currently on the paleo diet, or considering it, and would like to know what a paleo meal plan includes, read on for more information.

What’s Included in the Paleo Meal Plan

The paleo diet focuses primarily on eating in a way that mimics the dietary habits of our early ancestors.

This tends to mean avoiding foods like sugars, corn syrup, dairy, gluten, grain, and other processed foods.

Instead, the paleo diet encourages eating high quality, protein-rich meat and seafood, fruits, vegetables, and specific nuts and seeds.


You’ll often find that many individuals on the paleo diet tend to enjoy breakfast foods several times throughout the day.

That’s due to the fact that breakfast is one of the easiest meals to implement into a paleo diet. In fact, you may find that your traditional breakfast of eggs with a side of bacon and a bit of fruit is already the perfect fit for your Paleo diet.

Other options include citrus and avocado salad, a protein smoothie with dairy-free milk, or even a sweet potato hash skillet.


Whether you’re preparing lunch for home or to take to the office, you’ll find that Paleo meals are also easy to put together.

Many individuals turn to custom bowls like Asian chicken bowls or Spanish chorizo bowls, complementing each protein with some veggies.

You can also meal plan by preparing hard-boiled eggs along with a salad rich in healthy fats and nuts.


Since one of the most common side effects of being on the paleo diet is a gradual decrease in appetite, you’ll find that by dinner you may not be hungry for much at all.

However, this could be the perfect time to get in an Asian chicken lettuce wrap or a shrimp salad.

If you’re looking for something more filling and comforting, sweet potato chili is the perfect way to combine a variety of vegetables with some grass-fed ground beef.

Paleo Food Shopping

Since the paleo diet tends to focus on proteins and vegetables, many individuals find it to be more expensive than the typical diet.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. By simply choosing the right paleo-friendly meal preparation service, you can make your paleo lifestyle a simple and affordable one.

Incorporating the Paleo Diet into your Lifestyle

One of the benefits of a paleo meal plan is that there are endless affordable and easy options to choose from when deciding what to eat on a day-to-day basis.

However, if you’re still searching for some help, we suggest checking out our meal plan section where you’ll find a wide variety of diet-friendly meal plans to save your time and the hassle of cooking.