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Join Our 10 Weeks Effective Weight Loss Challenge!


Good news – We have developed a guide for you to lose pounds and burn fat in just 10 weeks! Are you ready for the challenge?  This weight loss plan will include a guide to nutrition as well as exercises and other lifestyle changes that you can do to safely lose weight. We want to help you with your weight loss journey, so you’ve come to the right place!

How to Plan Your Nutrition & Meals 

To lose weight, you first need to know how much calories you need to be consuming each day. To calculate your total daily calorie intake, click here! We will count your required calories based on your gender, age, height, and other measurements.  

You will also need to make a few changes to your meal composition. Here are a few of our suggestions you can follow for 10-weeks:  

1. More Proteins, Less Carbs 

Studies have shown the effectiveness of a low-carb diet is weight loss and the prevention of several chronic diseases such as diabetes. After several days of following a low-carb diet, you can often immediately see results when you step on the weight scale. However, do note that this diet needs to be sustained to maintain your weight loss.  Learn more about carbs in sports nutrition here!

What you can do is to replace your intake of starchy carbs and sugar with vegetables, fruits, as well as protein-rich foods. Incorporating more protein into your diet can also help reduce appetite and boost your metabolism, which means you can burn more calories.

  2. Reduce Your Calories Intake 

As we’ve said earlier, counting your calories one of the key factors to lose weight. You can’t lose fat without cutting your calorie intake. If you need some tips to help you reduce calorie intake, here it is: 

  • Don’t snack in between meals 
  • Avoid using condiments – Sauces, salad dressings, and similar food products contain high calories per serving, so cut down your consumption if you can.  
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – They are high in fibers, high-volume, and low-calorie. Eating more veggies will help give you a feeling of fullness.  
  • Avoid drinking high-calorie food – Instead of drinking soda, processed juice, or other drinks that are high in sugar, you can drink water, tea, or black coffee that does not contain any calories. Drinking more water often can also help alleviate hunger.  

If you find it difficult to count your calories for every meal, no worries! You can try one of our Eatology meal plans. We will provide you with highly nutritious meals that are within your calorie level so you don’t have to worry about over-eating again.  

3. Eat Fresh, Whole Foods. Don’t Eat Processed Junk Foods! 

Processed foods, such as baked goods, donuts, chips, fast foods, and others are high in calories. The rule of thumb is: the more processed a food is, the higher the calories they contain given everything else is the same.  Check out our Whole Food Plant-Based Diet here for more healthy food inspirations!

In addition, a lot of highly processed foods also contain high levels of salt. Not only can salt increase your risks of cardiovascular diseases, but studies also show that there is a link between salt and weight gain. Higher salt diets are linked with higher body fat.  

Many highly-processed foods also make it very easy for you to overeat and therefore accumulate a lot of calories.  

Why You Need to Exercise and Get Active for Weight Loss

For weight loss, we recommend you focus more on HIIT and cardio exercises that is most effective in burning calories.  

1. F45 Training

One of our most favorite exercise programs is the F45 Training challenge. This program is perfect for those of you that are looking to achieve fat loss while still maintaining a healthy physique. If you would like to know more about this program, check out our complete guide to starting the F45 Training! This guide will give you an overview of what you can expect from F45, the pros & cons, and the effectiveness of the program. This program will typically last for 8-weeks. However, you can tailor the length of the program so it is suitable for your needs.  

To complement your F45 Training exercise, Eatology has just the perfect meal plan for you! We have developed our very own F45 Meal Plan so that you can get the most results out of your program. We will help you get into the best shape of your life! 

2. Revenge Body Diet

Khloe Kardashian managed to put off 10 pounds within one week. Want to know the secret behind her exercise and meal plan? Go and check out our full guide! 

3. Follow Fitness Influencers

Another way to start your fitness journey and get inspired is to follow some of our favorites fitness influencers online! They will give you brand new workout routines and fitness inspiration to start your active journey!  

If you want to look at other 10-week workout problems, check this out! Start your weight loss journey with Eatology now!